empty as fuck.

i dont know, tell me. is it my period or a period in my life where i just hit rock bottom?

how does one live without friends? without company??????? im fucking sick of it, every week i just stay at home alone wanting to go out and spend time w people.

I once had everything. I once had so many people to go out with i felt so loved. and since i lost all of them one by one, my life has just literally hit rock bottom.

Inside me is empty, empty and empty. I use cigarettes to fill myself but how’s that working out? I feel filled, but its all just transparent. and in the end, im left fucking alone again.

You know i reached a point in my life where I feel so empty and so in need of love that i desperately always hope that you know i could meet new friends somewhere along the way home, and things can start from there. I use school to find friends, and that’s just only 3. 3 of which 1 I consider my “best-friend”. but in the end? I still feel fucking insignificant in this society, this world. Constantly people have things to do except me. Where do i find the rest of the human population? The other friends who are true, who will treat me as their significant?

I know i shouldnt have that stupid mindset and make the best of who i have. but….. you think i havent tried?
when is my real real best friend coming?
when can that person be there for me no matter what, when?

empty as fuck.

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