every night, without fail, i’d feel like a fucking mess.

i guess as teenagers, we’re all constantly looking for something/ somebody to feed on for inspiration, in hope of finding our place in this society.

However, it gets annoying, on my nerves when this gets overboard. Yeah, i get it, when everyone had instagram, of course you had to have it too. and when everyone had a private instagram account, you too, had to have it.

and i also get that the private instagram account is a platform where you can truly express your thoughts and feelings. But, why do i feel like im in a virtual constant competition to make my private instagram look good? Like personally, i dont care what i post, since its a ‘private’. But you seem like you put in so much effort into making your instagram look good and somehow i get the message from you: ‘hah, my insta feed is so much better than yours, loser.’

………………….. ………………………….. …………. . .. . . . . . . . . .

Every, fucking, time you post something, thats the message i get from you. Is it because you’re constantly thinking so, thats why i think this way too?

whatever it is – im really so sick of your bullshit i dont know what to do.

what can i do?


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