unhappy endings.

exams are finally over, and the only think that kept me alive & studying was the thought about how i hard i was going to party after the exams. little did i know, when the exams were over, no one had the fucking time to come out and this just made me fucking depressed the whole weekend lol

i really looked forward to it tho..

i’m just starting to get the idea that i really do hate the entire human race??? like seriously; everyone’s copying each other or people copying me????????? i know it isnt a big deal but sometimes i feel like they fucking overdo it, and makes me feel that everyone likes it because i like it???? wtf???  i cant get along with literally anyone, and if i see them tweet shit, i get fucking annoyed


got 2 more upcoming exams on monday and i dont feel like studying or continue to take any more fucking exams. i had enough of worrying & studying for that past fucking stressful week. all i wanna do now is party all day and yet, i dont even have anyone to party with……. sigh? everyone’s literally busy every single fucking day and i just sit at home thinking what i’d be doing if i actually had friends who could go out and do shit. I CANT WAIT ??!!???!!!!!!???!!!!


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